How to Output from Vessels

Once you have finished making a Batch you will need to record in the system what has been produced.

You can either Output to a Package, Stock or a new or existing Batch.

Go to Production - Vessel Summary, click Actions on the relevant Vessel. From here you can output from the vessel or open the Assembly Record and then select Add Output, you will need to have a Start Date for the assembly to begin an output.

Output to Packaging:

  1. Select Package.
  2. Select the Recipe you are outputting to, this will fill the next two fields. 
  3. Confirm that the measurement for each unit of the Product is correct. For example, 0.5L would be needed for a 1x500ml Bottle of IPA.
  4. Under the “output detail” section, use the drop-down bar to select to output by either Quantity from the Assembly or Units to Create. 
  5. Ensure the units of the Product you expect to make is correct, the system will suggest an estimate based on the Output Quantity and Material Required per Unit.
  6. Next is the way you want cost price to be calculated, you can choose one of three; Your Own Custom Cost Price, The Unit of Cost of Used Ingredients or The Current Product Unit Cost Price.
  7. Tick whether to multiply the Ingredient Quantities from the Packaging process by the Expected Output. For example, if one bottle and one cap is needed for one unit of 500ml IPA. The system will assume 100 of each are needed to output the 100 units. 
  8. Tick whether you want to update the Vessel Volume to reflect the movement/loss of liquid when moving to Packaging. 
  9. To add your Output to an existing assembly, if you already have started bottling and want to add more units, click Add to Existing Assembly and select the relevant Batch/Assembly from the drop-down. 
  10. Click Save
  11. If updating the Vessel Volume, confirm the Vessel it is leaving, the Volume Leaving and either the Estimated or Measured Volume.
  12. Select whether you want to include the Vessel Movement. Also add any Notes and the Date of Movement
  13. Click Add Movement.

If you now want to complete your Packaging Process, you will need to specify how many Materials were used as well as printing labels or Racking as required.

Go to Production - In Progress and Search or Filter/Sort for the Assembly and click to Open.

  1. Specify the Best Before Date for the items.
  2. Click Bulk Use Ingredient and specify how much of each Material was used, including any wastage such as broken items or spillage. This can be done by clicking on the Quantity to Use and typing in the amount. 
  3. Complete any Process Instructions or record Quality Control as required.
  4. Once ready, scroll down and click Add Output. Select Move to Stock, input the amount that was created and how many are going to stock. Click Save.

If your Product is Traceable or Returnable, you can then Print Labels or use Racking. Please see the full guides for more help with this.

Output to Stock

Instead of moving your completed Batch to Packaging, you can move it into bulk stock as a completed Material.

On the Add Output screen:

  1. Select Move to Stock.
  2. Enter the Quantity to Output.
  3. Select if you want to Update the Vessel Volume to reflect the loss of liquid and click Save.
  4. Choose the vessel to update and edit the Remaining Expected Output if different to the estimated amount. 
  5. If updating Vessel Volume, confirm the Volume Leaving and either the Estimated or Measured Volume.
  6. Add any Movement Notes and the Date of Movement.
  7. Click Add Movement.

Outputting to a Batch

You can instead move your Batch as an Ingredient of a new Batch or you can move it to combine it with another existing Batch. For example, you have completed the process of making unflavoured Gin and now you want to move it as an ingredient for your Pink Gin.

From within the assembly, select add output and then:

  1. Select Move to Batch.

*if you are wanting to add this output to an existing assembly/batch follow the steps with the (*) symbol below. If you are wanting to create a new assembly/batch with this output skip this and go right to the numbered steps without the asterisk (*).

*1. Click Add to Existing Assembly.

*2. Select the Batch to include this movement too.

*3. Input the Quantity you are moving, whether you want to Update the Vessel Volume and chose the Cost Price you want to use.

*4. Click Save.

  1. Enter the Recipe you are outputting as well as the Required Per Unit in litres. 
  2. Enter the Quantity leaving and this will include your Expected Output from New Assembly. If you lost some liquid whilst moving you can override the expected output and type in what has actually been output. 
  3. Tick whether you want to update the Vessel Volume to reflect the loss of the liquid.
  4. Click Save.
  5. If updating the Vessel Volume, confirm the Volume Leaving the Vessel chosen and either the Estimated or Measured Volume.
  6. Click if you want to Include the Vessel Movement, add any Movement Notes and enter the Movement Date.
  7. Click Add Movement.

This Batch will now appear as an Ingredient in the Assembly you have moved it to.