Tasks: How to Create & Complete Tasks

Before using Task functions in BrewMan, you will need to configure your Settings. For full instructions, visit our help page, 10: CRM & Task Settings


are used to remind users to complete actions. These can be one-off actions or scheduled, repeated actions such as a regular call with a customer every four weeks. Tasks may often require further information to be entered into the system as normal. For example to complete a Task of recording a Quality Control Test , you will need to input the results in the Production menus as normal.

Go to Tasks from the main menu. The Tasks screen can be filtered by the Task Type, Queue and who they are Assigned To. Please note you can view tasks assigned to you, others or those that are unassigned.

Click New Task and enter the following information:

\ **Description* - This will help the user understand what is required for the Task.

*Task Type - Assign a Task Type. This will help filter Tasks and also help the user understand what is required.

*Task Queue - Assign a Task Queue. This helps the system filter Tasks between departments or functions.

Due Date - Add a date to complete this Task. This will label the Task as Upcoming until the date arrives instead of going straight into the To-Do list if the field was to be left blank.

Due Time - This will help order the Task list correctly. When Due Time is exceeded, the Task will become Overdue

Repeat basis  - Choose how often the Task should be repeated. To see this option, the Task will need to have a Due Date.

Associated With - Choose if this will be associated with an Outlet. If so, select which Outlet it is associated with. These Tasks will then also appear on that Outlet's CRM screen.

Assigned To - Choose which users should complete this Task. You can click the X to leave it unassigned. This will still appear in the relevant Queue to be assigned later.

You will have the options to Save , Save and Create which will load up a new Task creator or Save and Duplicate which will load up a new Task and save all the details of the previous Task apart from who the Task is assigned to.

When a Task is due, it moves to the To-Do list and a blue notification will appear on the menu. When the Task exceeds the Due Time or Due Date it becomes Overdue and the notification will become a red icon.

To complete a Task, click the X under the Complete? header and select Yes. You can also click the three-dot menu and Cancel Task or Edit/Reschedule Task. All Closed Tasks can be found at the bottom of the page.

You can also Export Tasks by clicking on Export on the right hand side. You can then choose to Export as a PDF or CSV file. If you wish to print, download as PDF, open the file and click the Print icon in the top right.


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