How to: Sellar Integration

Sellar is the new trade ordering experience for suppliers selling directly to trade customers.

BrewMan allows for the import of online orders created from the Sellar platform, meaning all of your stock, duty, and deliveries are kept in one place. 

To set up this Integration, go to Integrations and click Sellar - Activate.

*API token - This can be found by clicking into settings on Sellar. You will want to copy and paste the API key into this field.

Stock Location for Stock Levels - Select the Stock Location you wish to use to draw stock from in BrewMan.

Ignore orders before - Set this date to avoid bringing in Orders through the integration that you have already recorded in your accounts software. This is to prevent them from duplicating after processing in BrewMan.

Discount product - To be able to apply the same discount as on a Sellar order you will need a Product in BrewMan to represent the discount applied to the order in Sellar.  You will just need one product that will mirror the discount with a negative price. The negative price used will change depending on the discount for an order. For help setting up a Product click here

Delivery charge product -  If you need to add a delivery charge, you will need a BrewMan Product to do so. This will be added automatically by the system but can be amended.

* To be able to import orders you will want to make sure that your Product SKU’s on Sellar match your Product Codes in BrewMan for the relevant Products. *

Now click Save and you will have successfully integrated with Sellar.

Once you have Orders ready to import into BrewMan - go to the Integrations page, click into Sellar and then click Import New

Once Orders have been imported you will need to map Sellar customers to their BrewMan Outlet. 

To do so, click into the Map Sellar Customers to Outlets dropdown box, search for the customer that needs mapping and then use the dropdown to match the customer to the correct BrewMan Outlet

Once mapped, click Import New again and you will be able to see the order number that the order has created. Click the order number hyperlink to open this order in a new tab of your browser.