How to: Integrate Shopify

BrewMan allows for the import of online orders created from your Shopify webshop, meaning all of your Stock , Duty , and Deliveries are kept in one place. 


*Before setting up the integration, you will need to ensure that your product SKUs in your Shopify shop match the Product Codes of your Products in BrewMan.*


To set up this integration, go to Integrations and click Shopify - Activate.

  • * Shop Name - The name of your store is taken from your Shopify admin URL. For example with Plucky Brewery - https://
  • * Linked BrewMan Outlet - This will be an Outlet specifically for your webshop. It will need to have a Gross Price List set up and have an Outlet Rating that allows orders. BrewMan will use the Distribution Type to generate the delivery date, which can be amended as needed.
  • * Default Delivery Product - To be able to add a delivery charge, you will need a BrewMan Product to do so. This will be added automatically in Shopify but can be amended.
  • * Misc. Product ID - BrewMan will allow Products in Shopify that have the ‘AllowBrewManMiscellaneous’ tag set on them to be imported and assigned to a specified miscellaneous BrewMan Product. This would be for items in Shopify that you do not want to create a corresponding BrewMan product for (for example small low-value products like beer mats, keyrings etc.).
  • * Price List -Select the Price List in BrewMan that you want your Shopify prices to be set to. Please note that the Current List Price will be used and the list must be set to Use Gross Price. For more information on Price Lists click here.
  • * Ignore Orders Before - Set this date to avoid bringing in Orders through the integration that you have already recorded in your accounts software. This is to prevent them from duplicating after processing in BrewMan.

When all the fields have been entered, click Save. You will now be taken to your Shopify account. 


Sign in and then click Install Unlisted App to complete the integration.

If a SKU in Shopify does not match a BrewMan Product Code, a tag will be applied to the order with 'BadBrewManProduct'. In some cases, it may be best to recreate the order manually in BrewMan, as once payment is confirmed Shopify does not allow for the editing of product lines on orders. 

Additionally, if you wish for an order to not be imported from Shopify into BrewMan, please use the archive function within Shopify's Order List, as we will only import orders not in an archived state.

You can then Distribute , Complete and Post Orders to Accounts as you usually would. Once posted, the Duty will go towards the relevant return based on the orders Delivery Date.

Shopify Updates

With the latest update to the Shopify integration, Orders will now import to Shopify automatically. This import will be instant and a log for which orders have come to BrewMan can be seen by clicking into the Shopify link on the Integrations page. Here you will also be able to click the hyperlink to go to the Order BrewMan has created.

BrewMan will now send over the stock count of your Products automatically, matching the BrewMan Product Code and the Shopify SKU.

Prices will also be sent across to your Shopify site or POS automatically, using the Current List Price set up in the Price List assigned to your Shopify store in setup. To find the price list being used, click into the Settings tab of the Shopify integration.