Change in Annual Production or Duty Rate

If your Production figures for the New Year are the same as last year then you do not have to make any changes. If your production figures have changed you should enter a new duty record with an "Effective Date" of the 1st January.

When there is a Duty Increase, a new duty record should be entered. The "Effective Date" should be the first date the new Duty increase is applied.

To edit your annual production figure go to, Administration - Your Company - Company Setup.

Click edit and add the effective date as well as your new annual production figure.

Save the new record.

If you have a duty rate tied to a supplier you will also need to edit this if there is a change in the annual production figure.

Customers who have migrated from V6 to V7 will need to update their Annual Production within their Supplier/Manufacturer.

Go to Contacts - Supplier and click on the supplier needing to be updated.

Click Edit in the bottom right corner and then add an effective date as well as a new annual production figure.

Click Add and then Save to update the supplier's duty record.