Lead Settings

Lead Settings

Before using Leads in BrewMan, you will first need to configure your Settings

Lead Loss Reason

Go to AdministrationSettingsTasks and LeadsLead Loss Reasons.

Lead Loss Reasons allow you to tell BrewMan the reason where/why a lead has been lost. You will have the option to add further notes when marking the Lead as Lost.

Click Create Loss Reason in the bottom right and add as many different reasons as you wish.

Next, go to AdministrationSettingsTasks and LeadsLead Source.

Lead Sources will allow you to see where your Leads are coming from. This can help you evaluate the success of your sales and marketing efforts.

Click Create Lead Source in the bottom right and add all of your sales avenues. 

Lead Pipeline Stages

Now, go to AdministrationSettingsTasks and LeadsLead Pipeline Stages.

Lead Pipeline Stages will allow you to name the stages in your sales pipeline to match your sales processes. The order of the list will dictate the order of the Stages with the top lane on the list being the furthest left lane.

Click Create Pipeline Stage in the bottom right corner of the screen and enter the pipeline stages you wish to create.

Click here to go to the LeadsLeads Pipeline help guide to find out how to use them.