How To: Update Prices

Price Lists are the basis for all your pricing in BrewMan. If you need to update an individual Product price, this can be done on its Pricing tab. However, if you need to update the majority of your prices, you’ll need to update the Price Lists

Go to Pricing - Price Lists, then click on the Price List you need to make changes to. Click Edit in the bottom right.

You can manually enter new prices for each Product, or you can use the price updater.

We suggest making any changes to the Planned List Prices. Click Change Staging, then select Copy Current to Planned and click Apply.

Once this is done, you can then apply a bulk percentage change. Click Update Prices.

Any fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory

  • Select Planned List Price
  • Product Brand - Here, you can select particular Brands to update using the dropdown
  • Pricing Category - Using this dropdown, you can update certain Pricing Categories
  • Price Adjustment Direction - If you want to raise prices, select Increase, if you are lowering prices, Decrease
  • *Amount - Enter the percentage you want to adjust the prices by.

Click Save when complete.

Once you are happy with the Planned List Prices, you can copy them across to the Current List Price column using the Change Staging function again, this time selecting Copy Current to Previous and Planned to Current.

Alternatively, you can update all your Price Lists at once using the Bulk Update Data function.