How To: Integrate SIBA Beerflex

BrewMan allows for the import of online orders created on the SIBA Beerflex platform. 

*To begin, you will need to email SIBA asking for them to allow/enable you access to the FTP server holding your login.*

Go to the Integrations menu, scroll down and Activate the Beerflex Integration.

*FTP Server Address - Enter the FTP server address which is:

*FTP Username - Enter your DDS Username

*FTP Password - Enter your DDS Password

Run Automatically? - Choose whether to import orders automatically. Note. Changes may not take effect immediately.

Click Save.

*Initially, Orders can take up to 30 minutes to import. Once they do, you will have to Map Beerflex Product codes to the BrewMan Product Codes as well as Map Beerflex Property Numbers to their BrewMan Outlets. You will only have to Map these once.*

By default, orders will use the required Beerflex Delivery Note.

Please note, Orders will appear in Beerflex before they are imported into BrewMan. Once Orders are imported successfully, you will see a hyperlink in the Beerflex Integration page to take you to the order.

Please contact support if you require any assistance.