How to: V7 Page Usability

This is a list of helpful tips and tricks to help you whilst using various pages on BrewMan.

Editing Grid Pages:

On BrewMan pages that display information in a grid layout such as the Outlets or Orders pages, you can rearrange the order in which grids are formed, as well as resize the columns and sort by more than one column.

To rearrange, click and drag the Column Header.

To resize, hover over the small line between the headers and click and drag left or right.

Finally, to select more than one column to sort by, hold Shift and click on the Headers you want to sort.

Filters - Click Filter/Sort at the top of the page to filter the information displayed in the grid. For example, on the Orders page you want to filter orders to see only ones from the “Chester” region. Go to Filter/Sort > Delivery Area. Click Contains in the dropdown and type “Chester” into the filter. This will filter your view to only see orders within the Chester area.

Manage Columns - Click Manage Columns to select columns you want to add or remove from the page. For example on the Outlets page you could add the Delivery Area or Sales Code columns.

Export - Clicking Export allows you to download the page as a PDF or CSV (if possible).

Quick search - The quick search function is the small search bar on the page you have clicked into, usually located in the upper right hand corner. Type in a word or code to narrow down the results.


Ctrl+Click or Middle-Mouse Click - This is a windows shortcut, it allows you to open a link in a new window. For example, if you are looking at your Orders and want to view an associated Outlet, rather than clicking the link and losing your place, press Ctrl+Click to open the outlet in a new tab within your browser.

Ctrl+F - Use this shortcut to find a particular word or phrase on a page quickly, particularly when looking at a page full of information. Press Ctrl+F, type the word(s) you are looking for and it will be highlighted. (Usually used when the quick search bar is not apparent or unusable).

Ctrl+P - Use this shortcut to create a printable version of the page you are looking at. This is a fast way of printing a document quickly, showing exactly what you see on screen. (Use this if there is no direct Export or Print option on the page).

Ticking an entire column - In the Distribution Processing page and many others, a small tick box can be seen to select a row. In some cases a box above this is located which can be ticked to select every box in one go rather than having to individually select each.


Do not be afraid to ask for help, if you are uncertain about anything, no matter how small. 
If the support documents we provide are not helping, please contact us either by email, phone call or click the question mark on the right hand side and Send Feedback - this allows you to take a screenshot and write a small description of your issue.

Email: Tel.: +44 (0) 2380 811 100

Ordering Consumables:

Please state under notes if you would like the four colours available in V7 or V6.

Available Label colours on Version 7; Blue, Red, White and Yellow.

Available colours on Version 6 (peel off strip); Blue, Red, White, Yellow, Lilac, Green, Sage, Orange, Brown, Tan, Pink, Grey, Turquoise and Cream.

The link below is for ordering consumables by card payment (

Subscription Service:

BrewMan is much like Netflix in terms of how the monthly subscription is operated. In cases of failed recurring payment, (Monthly Bill) a prompt will be raised on login. This will tell you that we weren't able to process your payment using the payment details you provided. But don't panic! We will keep trying, and you can still access your account for 7 days. To make sure your team's use of BrewMan isn't interrupted, please check and update your payment details.

BrewMan will continue to have this prompt until payment is taken successfully (usually the day after this prompt has first flagged up and this can be at any time during the day).  If no payment was able to be taken by the end of the given period you will be locked out of using your account.