How To: Integrate Plaato

Plaato creates smart probes and sensors to aid in the brewing process. These tools can provide insights into key metrics like Specific Gravity and Temperature. The integration between Plaato and BrewMan allows these metrics to automatically be recorded in BrewMan without manual input.

You can find out more about them at

To start using the Plaato integration, go to Administration - Settings - Production - Quality Control Tests.

Assign a Metric Type inside of your QC Tests from the dropdown options, then click Save.

Next, go to Integrations - Plaato and click Activate.

On the next screen, there will be a box titled Plaato. Click the Action button (3 Dots) followed by Register. A prompt will appear asking for your API Key from the Plaato Portal. Input that API Key here and click Save.

After your API Key is entered, this will take your active probes from Plaato and list them on the grid.

On this Plaato screen, you can assign the probes you have to specific vessels within BrewMan. Click on the Action button (3 dots) and click Assign to Vessel. Now choose the vessel you wish this probe to be linked to.

Any assemblies in vessels linked to probes will then update every 15 minutes with any readings taken by Plaato. The data will be found under Quality Control Tests.

The test data can only be seen in the quality tests once a vessel is linked to a probe, not retrospectively. All of your information will also be recorded on your Plaato portal.

If you have Added or Removed probes, click on the Action button (3 dots) and click Refresh. This will unlink any probes that have since been removed or add more probes that have been added to your Plaato portal.