How To: Integrate Square

Square helps millions of sellers run their business - from secure credit card processing to point of sale solutions to setting up a free online store.

To set up Square, go to Integrations > Square (Activate).

Default Delivery Product - To be able to add a delivery charge, you will need a BrewMan Product to do so. This will be added automatically in Square but can be amended.

Ignore Orders Before - Set this date to avoid bringing in orders through the integration that you have already recorded in your accounts software. This is to prevent them from duplicating after processing in BrewMan.

Run Automatically - If set to yes, this will pull orders through to BrewmMan automatically rather than clicking the import now button on the Integration page.

*Linked BrewMan Outlet - Assign an Outlet which will represent sales through Square. Orders will then be assigned to this Outlet. Setting this outlet as a retail outlet will mean orders posted to accounts at the same time will merge together under one invoice number.

Use Multiple Stock Locations - This is to map orders to different BrewMan stock locations.