Outlet Credit Balance

Outlet Credit Balances will automatically pull in from your accounts package if your accounts package is web-based and is integrated with BrewMan such as Xero, QuickBooks and Sage Online.

For this feature to work:

Outlet Codes must match the customer account number on Xero.

The Outlet Business Name must match the customer's Display Name on QuickBooks.

The Outlet Business Name or Outlet Code will need to match for Sage Online.

Once your accounts package is integrated, information on the customer's Credit Balance will pull into the system. Then, once invoices are approved in your accounting package, the Credit Balance will update in BrewMan.

The outstanding balance can be seen within the Outlet Summary on the CRM tab, within the Finance tab of the Outlet and also within an Order.

Credit Limits

You will need to have Credit Limits setup for your customers if you wish to see a warning message. This field is within the Finance tab of an Outlet.

If you’d like the system to generate warnings when your customers are near their limit, go to AdministrationSystem Setup and edit the Credit Limit Threshold. This is how much credit an Outlet has remaining before you are warned.

If not set, by default a warning will show when you are within 10% of the Outlet's Credit Limit.

When you have exceeded the Threshold Limit, a warning message will appear when you create an Order and will also show as within the Order.

Please contact support@premiersystems.com if you have any questions or call us on 02380 811 100.