How to: South African Duty

How to: South African Duty

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Package Types

To set up your South African Duty to be calculated correctly, you will need to start with setting up Package Types.

Go to AdministrationSettingsProductsPackage Types.

When creating or editing a Package Type, the Final Packaged Litres field must be filled in. This is the litres of each individual unit. For example, for 12x330ml Cans, the Litres columns will be 3.96L but the Final Packaged Litres is 0.33L as it refers to 1 can.


For help with creating Products click here:

When creating a Product that is alcoholic, it is mandatory to assign a Package Type that includes Final Packaged Litres. If you do not, an error will occur when clicking finish. The Package Type associated with the Product can be changed at any time via the Settings tab.

You will also need to assign the *Alcohol Type, *ABV and *Dutiable litres of the Product.

As orders are completed, duty amounts will go towards a duty return based on the Despatch Date of orders or when stock transfers are despatched.

Creating Duty Return:

To create a Duty Return go to DutySouth African Duty Returns.

  • Click Create South African Duty Return
  • Set the dates for your duty return & add any notes.
  • Click Save. This will bring up the page below.

Viewing Duty Audit
To view your audit, go to DutySouth African Duty Audit.

  • Here you can choose the given report period to view using the Calendar field at the top of the page. 
  • You can filter information provided and manage columns from the top of the page. This allows the information shown to be customised to your relevance.

Submitting your Duty Return

When ready, you can tell the system you have submitted your duty return within  DutySouth African Duty Returns. Here, click into the return and click Submit Duty Return. This locks any transactions in the period so that they cannot be changed.

Once submitted, you can use the Duty Summary Breakdown to submit your return.