How To: Squarespace

BrewMan allows for the import of Orders created from the Squarespace platform, meaning all of your stock, duty, and deliveries are kept in one place. You will need to ensure that your product SKUs in your Squarespace shop match the Product Codes of your Products in BrewMan.

To set up this Integration, go to Integrations and click SquarespaceActivate.

Linked BrewMan Outlet - Assign the outlet you wish to link to your Squarespace integration and keep orders grouped to this outlet. For example ‘Online Shop’.

Default Delivery Stock Item - To add a delivery charge, you will need a BrewMan Product to do so and be assigned.

Stock Location - Assign the stock location that orders on BrewMan are drawn from to fulfil Squarespace orders.

Price List - Select the Price List in BrewMan that you want your Squarespace prices to be set to.

Ignore orders before - Set this date to avoid bringing in orders through the integration that you have already recorded in your accounts software. This is to prevent them from duplicating after processing in BrewMan.

Run automatically? - This will pull orders through to BrewmMan automatically rather than clicking the import now button on the Squarespace integration page.