How to: 2023 UK Duty Changes

The new rules will allow a reduced rate of duty for producers who produce less than 4500 Hectolitres of Ethanol each year. This replaces the former scheme where brewers who produced less than 60000 Hectolitres of beer used reduced rates. In BrewMan you can register the annual ethanol production in Hectolitres of each Supplier (including yourself as a manufacturer) so BrewMan can evaluate the rate appropriate to each product.

The new rules also allow for reduced duty rates for draught beer, Ie beer intended to be sold in pubs through a draught mechanism. The rules identify such beer as being sold in containers intended to connect to a pump or similar, and in containers holding 20L or more. In BrewMan you can register Package Types as being intended to connect to a pump, and specify the individual container size of your units of measures so BrewMan can identify and apply the reduced draught rates where applicable.

With the new duty changes coming in August 2023, you will need to add some new information in BrewMan. All new rates will be applied automatically.

First, go to Administration > Your CompanyCompany Setup.

Here you can click Edit and add your Annual Ethanol Production figure.

If you have migrated from BrewMan version 6, you should add your Annual Ethanol Production to your Supplier record. 

This can be found by going to Contacts > Suppliers, clicking into your own company and then when you click Edit you will be able to enter your figure.

You will also need to edit your Package Types.

Go to AdministrationSettingsProductsPackage Types.

Against a Package Type, you can now add your Final Package Litres and state whether it is Designed For Pump.

Click the 3 dots next to each Package Type, click Edit and add the relevant information.

If needed you can create new Package Types to assign to Products.

Any orders or stock movements with a despatch date on or past August 1st will apply the new UK duty rates.

Please contact if you have any questions on this or call us on 02380 811 100.