How To: Syncing and Using the BrewMan Calendar

Go to Calendar. To change the view, click the top right filter and select a different timeframe. 

Syncing your Calendar

You can sync your BrewMan calendar to your external Google or Microsoft calendar. 

Click Link To Calendar and select which calendar you would like to link to.

Sign into your email and then set the calendar you want the link to pull information from and send information to.

All events from your external calendar will pull into your BrewMan calendar and all visits from your BrewMan calendar will now appear in your external calendar. 

You will not be able to make changes to external events in your BrewMan calendar and any changes made to a BrewMan visit in your external calendar will not be reflected in BrewMan and will revert back to its status in BrewMan.

Creating a Visit

Click on a date in the calendar to create a Visit. When in the week or day view, you can change the duration of visits by dragging them up or down. You can also change the date and planned time by dragging them around the calendar. 

Click on the Visit to view information about it, Start Navigation or Edit Visit Log.