How To Process Distribution and Post to Accounts

Once your Orders have been distributed you will need to resolve any delivery issues, mark successful orders as complete and post the Orders to your integrated accounts package.

Go to DistributionDistribution Processing

On the To Be Processed tab you can see the Distribution Status of all Orders which were due to be distributed today:

  1. Pending - Orders which have not been distributed yet.
  2. Mis-Match - Orders where the items that were distributed do not match the items on the Order.
  3. Has Notes - Orders where a note has been left on the Distribution App.
  4. Failed - Orders that could not be completed.
  5. Successful - Orders that were distributed successfully with the correct items and no notes were made.

As Orders are distributed via the Distribution App , they will move from pending to the other statuses if the app is connected to the internet. 

If an Order has been distributed without using the Distribution App, click on the Order to open it and click the Add New Log button. 

  • Click Add item to select the Products that were delivered.
  • Add any Containers that were collected.
  • Enter any Payments Collected
  • Enter the recipient’s name and any Notes.
  • Click Mark Order as Complete.
  • The Distribution Status should now change from Pending to the correct status.

How to resolve each Distribution Status:


  • Click on the Order in the Mis-Match list. 
  • This screen will display what was Ordered and what was Delivered.
  • The Suggested Invoice applies the relevant Price List and Discount for the Outlet to the items that were Delivered.
  • To accept the Suggested Invoice, click Accept Suggestion.
  • To make changes, click Edit Order to edit the Products and pricing to match what was Delivered.
  • Once the Order matches what has been Delivered, click Mark Order as Complete.

Has Notes

  • These Orders are grouped together so that you can view the notes which drivers have attached to deliveries.
  • Select the checkboxes of the Orders then click Mark Selected As Complete.

Failed Deliveries  

  • To reschedule Orders, select the checkbox and click Reschedule Selected to choose another delivery date.
  • To cancel an Order, select the checkboxes and then click Cancel Selected.

Successful Orders

  • Click the checkbox at the top of the list to select all Orders or select the checkboxes of each Order then click Mark Selected As Complete.

Completed Orders

Switch to the Completed Orders tab at the top of the page.

Click Email Invoices to send emails to each Outlet with a copy of their Invoice attached. If a signature was taken on the Distribution App, this will be on the Invoice.

You can check if the emails have been sent successfully using Email Audit. Go to AdministrationEmail Audit.

You will now be able to push the Invoices to your integrated accounts software. This should be done every day.

Click Push Orders To Accounts , this will take you to the Transactions to Post page. 


Go to AdministrationAccounts PostingTransactions

Once on the Transactions to Post screen, you will see all Orders, Credit Notes and Purchase Orders which are ready for posting on the left-hand side of the page and the sum of the value of those Transactions.

Click Add all to Posting Queue or tick those you wish to post first, then click the same button. This will move the orders across to the right-hand side under Posting Queue and will automatically be sent across to your accounts software.

If there is an error, it will show which Transaction is affected along with an error message. You can click the Status for more information.