How to Package Products

How To Package Products

Before starting the packaging process, the Product that you are creating must be set up in the system.
If you haven't set up your Products, please use this guide: How to Add Products

Creating a New Packaging Process
To create a new Packaging Process, please follow this guide: 4: Production Setup - Recipes & Packagings

If Packaging directly from a Vessel - please follow this guide: How to Output from Vessels

Starting a Packaging Process.

Once the process has been created, go to Packaging's then either click on the three dots menu next to the process and select Start Packaging or click Start Assembly at the bottom.

Assembly Details

  • Output Product - Select from the dropdown list the Product you are creating.
  • *Packaging - Select from the dropdown list the Packaging Process you are using. 
  • *Expected Finish Date - Select a date when you expect this Process to be complete.
  • *Stock Location - Select in which of your Stock Locations this process is happening. This is especially important if Duty is payable because of bonded status.
  • *Expected Output - Enter the number of finished Products you are creating.
  • Batch Number - Enter a unique identifying number for this batch of Products for tracking and traceability.
  • Best Before Date - Select a Best Before Date for these Products after being packaged.

Then click Start Assembly in the bottom right.

In Progress

Click Use Ingredient and specify how much of each Material was used, including any wastage such as broken items or spillage. If a Material is Batch Tracked you will need to specify which Batch in the system was used or enter a New Batch Number.

Complete any Process Instructions or record Quality Control as required.

Once ready, scroll down and click Add Output. Select Move to Stock, specify how many were created and click Apply.

Click Save.

If your Product is Traceable or Returnable, you can then Print Labels or use Racking to scan the Containers that are being used for traceability purposes**.** Please see the full guides for more help with this.

Finally, click Complete Assembly. The created Products will then appear in Products in Stock.