How to Manage your BrewMan Subscription

How to Manage your BrewMan Subscription

On any page in BrewMan click your initials on the header in the top right corner.

Click Your Subscription.

On this page, you will be able to see the current amount of concurrent users allowed on the system. Use the + and - to edit your subscription. You can have as many different users registered in BrewMan, but the number allowed on the system at any one time defines your billing.

If you are already subscribed and change the number of concurrent users, this will apply to your billing pro-rata for the current monthly subscription.

To change your billing to Direct Debit, Click on “Go To Secure Stripe Portal” and you will be brought onto your billing page. 

Next click Add Payment Method and select BACS Direct Debit. Fill out the fields and select set up direct debit. 

Once set up go back to the original plan and under the payment method click on the three dots of the Direct Debit and make this as default.

When you are ready, click Subscribe, this will take you to checkout where you can add your details and pay.