Tasks: How to Create and Manage Telesales Lists

Tasks can be utilised by a sales team to organise their Telesales 

For full detail about Tasks in general, please see our other guide, Tasks: How to Create and Complete Tasks

Creating a Telesales List.

In order to make Tasks useful for Telesales, make sure there is a Queue set up specifically for it so all calls can be viewed in one place. For more information on creating Queues and Types , follow our guide here, 10: CRM & Task Settings

To enter regularly scheduled Telesales calls into the system, click New Task , select the Queue you have set up for Telesales. Enter the next call's Due Date and then set to repeat however often you would call them - this is very important as the system will then automatically generate future calls on this basis. Make sure you then associate the call with an Outlet and assign a caller.

Managing Telesales Calls

Once these calls have been set up, each user will be able to filter the Tasks screen to the Queue you have set up and view their own calls, each other's and any that have been unassigned.

The To-Do section will show them the calls they need to do today, Overdue will show which ones are in their backlog and they can also see those that are Upcoming.

Making a Telesales Call

When making a call, click on the Outlet listed under Record. This will open the CRM tab against the Outlet to show the caller important information such as a full Activity Log of all recent Communication, Tasks and Transactions.  The other tabs will also provide Contact Details, Credit Terms and other useful information before the call.

For more information on the CRM tab, please read our guide here, CRM - How to Log Communication

Once on the call, on the CRM tab, the caller can click Create New Order in the bottom right or click on the three-dot menu next to the Recent Orders to Duplicate Order to speed up the process.

Once the call is complete, the caller should Log the Communication on the CRM tab and add any relevant notes in the Description. They should then return to the Tasks page, mark the Task as Complete and move on to the next call.