How to Perform a Stock Take

Stock Takes allow you to make sure that your live Stock in BrewMan matches the amounts in real life and can be done at any time. You can choose to do a full Stock Take for a Stock Location or you can perform it only for certain Stock TypesStock Groups and Suppliers.

When counting stock, any item that is out for delivery or that has been invoiced and delivered but not yet Posted to Accounts would be counted by the system in your Stock Take. To make sure your Stock Take is as accurate as possible, it would be best to Post to Accounts before you start and make sure there are No Active Journeys. The system will warn you about this before you start.

To begin, go to StockStock Takes and click New Stock Take.

You will first have to enter:

*Location - Choose the Stock Location you wish to do the Stock Take for.

*Stock Type - Select All or choose just Materials or Products.

Stock Group - Select All Stock Groups or choose certain ones .

Supplier - Select All Suppliers or choose certain Suppliers from the dropdown menu .

Reason - Add a Reason for the Stock Take.

Show Items With Zero/Negative Stock - Choose if items with a negative stock figure should be shown.

Now, click Start Stock Take. The system will then tell you when you last posted to accounts and if there are any active journeys.

Once you have started the Stock Take you can, if you wish, click Print Stock Take Sheet in the bottom right of the page.

You can at any stage close the page and come back to the Stock Take. However, you cannot have more than one active Stock Take.

To adjust the stock levels, click on the Counted column next to the relevant ProductMaterial and enter the figure you have counted. You will then see how much of an Adjustment the system will make. Products are recorded in Units whereas Materials will show the relevant Unit of Measure (UoM).

If the Current Stock Level is correct, leave the field blank and there will be no change. 

When finished, click Complete Stock Take.

You will then be asked if you are sure you would like to complete it. This cannot be undone and after confirming, Stock Levels will be adjusted.