BrewMan V6 Scanner App Main Menu Options

The Main Menu holds the options used for Container Tracking:

  • Deliveries - Allows you to scan out Containers and Cases to a delivery
  • Returns - Allows you to scan Containers back into the Brewery
  • Racking - Allows you to rack Journey Labels to Permanent Container Labels
  • Labelling - Allows you to Create Containers in the system
  • Palletising - Allows you to associate many Containers to one Pallet Label
  • Stock Entry - Allows you to scan Products into stock

If this is the first time you are using Container Tracking you will need to start with the Labelling option before using any other option.


This process used is to label and create your physical containers in BrewMan. This must be carried out once for any owned new containers that will be traced in BrewMan. This only has to be completed once for each container.

Make sure that Container Descriptions have been setup before completing this.

To make sure the labels adhere properly clean the area of the cask with white spirit. When dry affix the label to the rim or to the edge of top and bottom and press down hard, especially around the edges as labels are pressure applied. Labels should be fixed at a minimum temperature of -5C 23F. Don’t wash them again for 24 hours to ensure the glue has adhered correctly. Click here for manufacturer's information.
This option will ask for:

  • Container Size: Enter (or scan from the Print) the Container Description Code. 
  • Barcode: Scan the Permanent Label of the container. 
  • Etched: Enter, using the keyboard, the Etched Number of the container

This has to be uploaded and posted before you can rack or deliver a container.


This option is used when racking to tie together the container and the product being used to fill the container.
Once you have filled the container and applied the Journey Label, you can scan the Permanent and Journey labels
This option will ask for:

  • Permanent Label: Scan the Permanent Label on the Container Journey 
  • Label: Scan the Journey Label on the Container


Use this option when delivering containers, cases or pallets to an outlet.

This option will ask for:

  • Order Number: Scan the Barcode on the Delivery Note or enter the Order Number 
  • Item: Scan either the Journey Label, the Permanent Label, Case Label or Pallet Number of the item being delivered

You will be repeatedly prompted for an item. When you have completed the deliveries for the Outlet, Press "Change Order"


Use this option when collecting containers from an outlet.

This option will ask for:

  • Cask: Scan either the Journey Label or the Permanent Label of the container being collected


Use this option to link many containers to a Pallet Label. When booking the Pallet out to an Outlet only the Pallet label needs to be scanned and this will book out all the containers on the Pallet.

This option will ask for:

  • Pallet Number: Scan the Pallet Label or enter the label number 
  • Item: Scan the Journey Number on each cask as it is loaded onto the Pallet.

You will be repeatedly prompted for an item. When you have completed the containers for this Pallet, Press "Change Pallet"

Stock Entry

This is an historic option for entering stock.

This option will ask for:

  • Stock Location: Enter the name of the Stock Location or scan the Stock Location from the report printed from the Stock Locations on Products Menu.
  • Product Code/EAN: Scan a barcode either from the Print Product Barcode list printed from the Stock Location list on the Products menu or from the EAN barcode on the Product which should have been entered against the Product on the Codes button on Products. 
  • Quantity: Enter the Quantity of the Product to update stock

An audit trail is printed when these transactions are posted to BrewMan.

Page Created: 21/07/2021