BrewMan V6 Scanner App

The BrewMan Scanner App runs on all our Android Delivery App Scanners, including the PM80 and RS31. The app serves your Container Tracking functions and allows you to Rack, Label, Palletise and Deliver Containers in the BrewMan System. This only functions with BrewMan Cloud.

The app only runs on Google Chrome on the devices.


You need to access and register your device before using the app. This only needs to be completed once:

  1. Open Google Chrome on the device and head to
  2. # Basic Use

  3. The scanner app has two Menus. The
  4. A good scan will produce a green tick:
    If an incorrect label is scanned, you'll get an error like the following:

]( 6. [

]( 7. [

For more information on the Scanner App, please see the pages below:]( - Scanner App Main Menu Options - Scanner App Utilities Options 8.    

Page Created: 21/07/2021