How to: Distribution App - Courier

Click the Distribution App at the bottom of the main menu in BrewMan to access Couriers. This will open a new window, the app is designed to be used on a mobile device or a device that has a camera so that QR codes can be scanned for traceability. 

The Courier List will show all Couriers that are due to deliver orders today, select the one that has arrived and needs orders fulfilling. 

The app will show a list of Outlets or customers that the Courier is expected to dispatch to. Select the first order that you give to the Courier.



On the Dispatch Order screen:

  • In Notes, you can enter any information - such as tracking - from the courier for your own reference.
  • A list of all Products that need to be delivered will be shown with the required quantity.
  • Click Deliver Items to scan the QR codes on the labels of any traceable items. If there is an issue with scanning or you need to enter new items, you can click Enter Manually, select the Product you wish to add, and the Quantity.


  • For any Product that is not traceable, click Delivered, if you need to change the amount delivered, click Amend, update the quantity, and click Close. 
  • Products delivered as expected will be coloured green, different quantities than expected will change the colour to orange to indicate a mismatch.
  • Once all Products have been scanned or confirmed as delivered, click Save and Close.


  • Outlets or customers will be marked with a green tick if they had the correct expected quantity of products delivered, if a new item was added or a lower quantity of products delivered the tick will be orange. Continue until all are completed.