How to: Auto-Assemble Products

You can now set up Auto-Assembled Products within BrewMan. They are assembled from other Products in the system such as a mixed case of different bottles.

They use the stock of other Products in the system once the order for them has been posted to accounts.

To set up a new Auto-Assembled product, go to StockProducts and click Create Product. Enter the initial details and toggle the Product to be Auto-Assembled.

Click Next Step to begin adding the items needed to Auto-Assemble the Product.

Click Next Step and continue to add the product's details, for help setting up Products click here.

Once you click Finish, you will be able to see it within StockAuto-Assembled Stock.

This menu will show you the Theoretical Stock, how much you can theoretically create using the Available Stock figures of the items needed for assembly.

To sell the Product, make sure it is available on Price Lists. It will then be available to add to an Order and will act the same as all other Products.

Once the order is posted to accounts, it will take away the stock of the items used to create the Auto-Assembled Product.