Materials in Stock

The Materials In Stock can be found under the Stock tab.


The Materials In Stock page can be used to monitor your material stock. In the screenshot below, it shows the Available Stock (What is In Stock minus what is Allocated), In Stock (the actual amount of stock including Allocated) and your Allocated stock (stock that is already Allocated to planned Assemblies). This page will also show which Stock Group the materials are allocated to as well as the Unit of Measurement and finally if you have a quantity that is currently on an outstanding Purchase Order.


You can tick or untick the different Stock Locations in the top right corner to view or remove stock from those locations.


By clicking on the expand arrows on the left hand side, you can see which Stock Location each Material is split between, and if batch tracked, which batches are in stock and what date they arrived.


There is also the option to Show Open Batches With Zero Stock. This shows batches that have no stock which can be completed from here.