How to: Lexoffice Integration

*Please note that once items are posted from BrewMan to Lexoffice, Brewman cannot post any subsequent changes to Lexoffice. Any changes will need to be made inside your Lexoffice.*

To begin, go into the Integrations menu and activate Lexoffice. Here you will be asked for an API key which can be found here:

Enter the key generated and click Save Lexoffice API Key. The link between the two systems will now be activated.

Once your Orders are marked as complete, then they can be posted within AdministrationAccounts PostingTransactions

You can then tick orders and add them to the Posting Queue to send them to Lexoffice and change their status in BrewMan to Historic.

For help with orders click here.

To successfully post orders to lexoffice you will need to have a VAT number and German Tax Number on customers and also the correct VAT codes within AdministrationSettingsProductsVAT Codes.

The valid VAT Codes you can use are:

  • Gross
  • Net
  • Vatfree
  • IntraCommunitySupply
  • ConstructionService13b
  • ExternalService13b
  • ThirdPartyCountryService
  • ThirdPartyCountryDelivery