How To Calculate Duty

If calculating duty on beer, go to Duty > Beer Duty > Current Duty Dashboard.

On the Current Duty Dashboard, select the date period you want to look at by clicking the Date at the top. It will default to the current calendar month.

In the Duty Summary, any applicable duty will accumulate automatically throughout the month as you record Orders, Stock Transfers or any actions that cause duty to be payable.

If you need to record any Under Declarations or Over Declarations, scroll down to Under/Over Declarations, click Edit, and manually enter the total amount.

If you need to claim Ullaged Beer, click the Claim All Ullaged Beer button to add any outstanding amount to the current Duty Return.

At any time, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click View Audit to see a detailed breakdown of how the Duty Summary has been calculated with the relevant OrdersDuty Rates and ABVs.

Once the period is complete, you can click Submit Duty Return. This will lock all transactions for the period so that the figures can not be changed once you have submitted your actual Duty Return to HMRC. Any alterations you need to make will then be Under/Over Declarations in the next return.

Tick the boxes to confirm you've understood this and click Yes, Submit Return to complete.

Spirit, Cider or Wine Duty

Go to Duty > Spirit/Cider/Wine Duty > Spirit/Cider/Wine Duty Audit Report.

Select the date period you want to look at by clicking Edit at the top.

You will see a Duty (Sum) that is the total that you owe for the period.

A detailed breakdown of how the total has been calculated can be seen below with the relevant OrdersDuty Rates and ABVs.

All current duty rates are automatically updated and can be viewed in Duty > Alcohol Duty Rates.