Setting Up BrewMan V7

Thank you for signing up to BrewMan V7. This guide will take you through the setup of your system and will have you up and running in no time.

*Please contact to guide you through the setup process, we are here to help!*

Creating your account

Please create your account here:

Your company name should be the name you would want to be invoiced as.

If you want to test any of BrewMan's features out before setup, please switch accounts in the top right corner of any screen on BrewMan to the Plucky Brewery and Distillery Demo Data set so that your own company data will be setup correctly with help from our support team.

The Setup Process

The setup steps below are numbered to advise on the best order to enter information into the system.

The crucial order is that steps 1: Company Setup and 2: Configuring Settings MUST be done before the other steps as you will not be able to import any data without the correct settings in the system. Similarly step 3: Production Settings needs to be done before 4:Production Setup.

Now proceed to 1: Company Setup for the next steps.

The guide assumes that you are importing your data in bulk. To add individual new items or for more detail on all the relevant fields, please see the guides below:

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