How to Start a Batch in Production

There are three main ways to start a new Batch in the Production menu.

1: Go to Production - Vessel Summary and click Actions under the vessel, then click New Assembly.  
2: Go to Production - Recipes and either click Start Batch in the three-dot menu or after opening a Recipe.
3: Go to Production - Planned and click Set Up New.

If you want to input planned Batches ahead of time, use options 2 or 3 as option 1 assumes you are utilising a Vessel immediately.

After all three options, you will see a Create and Start Assembly Screen.

Select Start Batch from Recipe unless you want to carry out a Packaging process then select which Recipe you want to use from the dropdown menu. This should then auto-fill the Material you are creating. Then click Plan Assembly.

If entering this screen from options 2 or 3 (not the Vessel Summary Screen ) you can make any changes to the planned Batch before starting it such as expected quantities of Ingredients from the Recipe. When you're ready, click Start Batch or if a mistake was made or this no longer needs to be used you can click Cancel in the planned batch**.**

Your Batch has now started, you can use this screen to add ingredients, complete instructions, record quality control or make movements between vessels. Or you can click close and carry out those actions from the Vessel Summary screen. To find out more about each function, please click on the links below to the full help guides: