4: Importing Data

This guide assumes that you are importing your data in bulk. To add individual new items or for more detail on all the relevant fields, please see the guides below:

Please note, Import will only work if you have already configured your Settings. Please follow the guide here before importing: 2: Configuring Settings.

Certain existing information can be imported into BrewMan. To do so, go to Administration > Import then click New Data Import at the bottom right.

Upload File

Select the Data Type , choosing from:

  • Auto Assembled Products
  • Leads
  • Materials
  • Orders
  • Outlet Contacts
  • Outlet Group Contacts
  • Outlet Groups
  • Outlets
  • Products
  • Tasks
  • Suppliers/Manufacturers

You must import or set up your Suppliers and Manufacturers before Products and Materials as they are required fields to upload that data.

To import Materials, you will need Stock Groups and Units of Measure set up. These are done within 2: Configuring Settings. You may also need to use the Alcohol Type from the following:

  • Beer
  • Irish Whiskey
  • None
  • Scotch Whisky
  • Sparkling Cider / Perry
  • Sparkling Wine
  • Spirits
  • Still Cider / Perry
  • Still Wine

To import Products, you will also need to have set up your Product Brands in the system. A Product Brand groups together Products for reporting and labelling. These would commonly represent a liquid that is sold in different packaging formats. You will also need to use the Alcohol Types listed above.

Go to Stock > Product Brands , click Create Product Brand and fill in the required information.

Click Download Example File to view the field names that match those in BrewMan. You can fill in this sheet with your existing data and upload it.

Click Next Step in the bottom right when the file has been selected.

Map Fields

  • Select the data format used in the file you are importing.
  • Ensure that the column headings match up to the fields. You can select the correct column heading in the file using the dropdown lists.

Once the fields have been mapped, click Next Step in the bottom right.


If there are any errors in the file, such as name clashes or setting clashes, BrewMan will highlight these. Before you can import the data, these errors will need to be resolved and the file uploaded again. Once all errors have been resolved, click Import in the bottom right.

Now proceed to 6: Adding Stock Levels.

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