9: Container Tracking - Adding Containers

BrewMan allows you to track returnable containers so that you know where they are and can record when they’ve been returned.

*You will need to be using our Permanent Labels so that you have valid tracking numbers. Please get in touch with Premier Systems to order these.*

You can also Return containers on the distribution app while out on deliveries.

Creating Containers:

*You will need to use BrewMan on a mobile device. This is so you can use your camera as a scanner for the labels.*

Go to Container Tracking - Tracked Containers:

Click Create Containers and enter the following information:

Container Type - Choose which type of container will be in use.

To add different container types to the dropdown box, head to Administration - Settings, then Product - Package Types. Containers are added to the dropdown list when the package type is ticked as Returnable.

Tracking No. -  Using your mobile device’s camera, scan the QR code of the Permanent Label provided by Premier Systems. This will then fill in the Tracking Number. If there is a scanning issue, you can type in the Tracking Number manually.

Etch No. - Optionally, enter the Etch no. on your container to tie it to the label number in the system.

Continue to add all of your containers into the system. Once they are created, they can be filled in the Production menu and delivered to your customers in the Distribution menu.

If you have not completed all of the other setup steps, find them below.

The guide assumes that you are importing your data in bulk. To add individual new items or for more detail on all the relevant fields, please see the guides below: