How To Plan Distribution

Once your Orders are in the system, you will need to plan your Distribution.

For Orders that you will deliver with your own Vehicles , Go to DistributionDelivery Planning.

Select the Date you would like to plan in the top right corner. This will show today’s date by default. The screen will then show:

  • All Vehicles available today on the left hand side. These can be toggled on or off by clicking the green icon.
  • All Orders or Visits due for the selected date. If needed, click the checkbox next to an Order and click Change Date.
  • A map of all Delivery Addresses of those Orders and Visits.

You are able to schedule a Visit to any Outlet by clicking Add Visit in the bottom right.

Planning Delivery Routes.

Once all Visits and Orders are listed, click Optimise All Deliveries.

  • This will automatically assign Orders to available Vehicles with the fastest possible route .
  • The Weight Limit of the Vehicles as well as the Stop Time set up within the Outlet's Settings will be taken into account.
  • You can also manually assign Orders to a Vehicle by dragging and dropping them or clicking the checkbox on each Order and clicking Assign to Vehicle.
  • Click the Lock button against a vehicle to prevent the Optimise All Deliveries function from interacting with the Orders on that Vehicle.

Once you have created the routes of your vehicles, click View Picking Lists to view the Picking List and Loading List.

The Picking List will list the Products you need to pick for all Vehicles to fulfil the selected date’s Orders.

The Loading List tab will list the Products on each Vehicle in the order that they need to be loaded, based on the order of stops on your Route. Start from the top and work down so that the first Order is loaded last, making it more accessible for the driver.

Couriers and Collections.

Go to DistributionCouriers and Collections.

On this page you are able to toggle between a tab for your Courier Orders and Collection Orders.

Click View Picking List to view all Products that need to be picked. Select to see Products due for Collection, Courier or Delivery or a combined view.

To print the Invoices for your Orders , select one or more of them by clicking the checkboxes and then click Print Documents.

Once you have completed Distribution Planning, you can distribute the Orders, follow these guides if you need help: Collections - Couriers - Deliveries.