How To: The Distribution App - Delivery

Once the Distribution App has received the order information, it can be used offline without an internet connection until orders have been distributed, at which point it requires a connection to update BrewMan. If the app is used with an internet connection, it will automatically update BrewMan with any changes recorded in the App

In order to access Deliveries , click on Distribution App at the bottom of the main menu in BrewMan.

This will open the delivery app in a new window, the app is designed to be used on a mobile device or a device that has a camera so that QR codes can be scanned for traceability. Once on the app, click on Delivery.

Now, select your Journey by clicking the Vehicle you will be using.

The next screen displays a map of the Journey with a list of every stop. This will be in the order that was optimised in the Delivery Planning screen. 

Click Start Journey , then complete the Vehicle Checks.

Vehicle Checks:

  • Vehicle Registration is shown to make sure you are on the correct Journey.
  • Enter your Start Mileage to record in the system.
  • Confirm whether you have Performed Weekly Checks, Performed Monthly Checks and that the Vehicle is Fit For Purpose.
  • Click Next.

Click Deliver Items on the menu to start.

  • A list of all Products that need to be delivered will be shown with the required quantity.
  • Click Deliver Items to scan the QR codes on the labels of any traceable items. If there is an issue with scanning or you need to enter new items, you can click Enter Manually , select the Product you wish to add, and the Quantity.
  • For any Product that is not traceable, click Delivered , if you need to change the amount delivered, click Amend , update the quantity, and click Close
  • Products delivered as expected will be coloured green, different quantities than expected will change the colour to orange to indicate a mismatch.

Once all Products have been scanned or confirmed as delivered, click Next.

Collect Returns:

  • Click Add Containers to Return to scan the QR codes on the labels of any traceable items you have picked up from the Outlet to bring back. If there is an issue with scanning you can type the Barcode instead.
  • Once you have scanned all items to return, click Next.

Collect Payment:

  • The Order Value will display at the top of the screen.
  • If the Customer pays by invoice, you can skip this section and click Next.
  • If paying by Cash, Card or Cheque , enter the amount paid, and click Next.

Collect Signature:

  • Any Payment made will display at the top of the screen, as well as the items that have been delivered. 
  • Record the recipient’s Name (this must be filled in to take a signature.)
  • The recipient can then write a Signature, using your device’s touchscreen. If you need to make changes to the Deliver Items or Collect Payment screens, you must click Clear and then Collect Signature again for the new information.
  • Click Next.

Add Notes

  • Write any important information about this delivery that will be stored against this Order. For example, why fewer items were delivered than expected. 
  • Click Next.

Clicking Next will load the main menu for the current Stop. When ready, click Complete Delivery.

The completed stop will now move to the Completed tab. The Scheduled tab will now show the next due stop, continue delivering each expected stop until all are Completed.

Click End Route to confirm that no more edits need to be made to the Journey. You must have an active internet connection to do this. Enter your End Mileage and click End and Sync Route.

Now go back into BrewMan, Distribution > Distribution Processing, to make any amendments to invoices, confirm orders as complete and post to accounts. Full instructions can be found at -  Distribution Processing.

Within the distribution app, you can now return containers from the home screen on your distribution app device. 

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