How To Print Labels.

In BrewMan, you can print off two main types of labels.

Returnable Labels: These labels are for items that are in returnable containers such as casks. They show key information for your customers such as the Product Name, Tasting Notes and Allergy Information. These containers should have a permanent label, this will hold a QR code which will be used for scanning.

Non-Returnable Labels: These are for items that you do not need to be returned such as a case of bottles or a rented keg. They show product information as well as display QR codes. These codes can be scanned at the Distribution stage so that your items are tracked to the end customer for traceability purposes.

Printing Labels:

Go to StockProducts and click into a Product. Then, click Print Labels in the bottom right of the screen.

The Package Type of the Product must be marked as Traceable. To check, go AdministrationSettingsProductsPackage Types. Here you will also set the label template used.

Enter the Batch Number, Best Before Date, Quantity and then click Print Labels.

*This will not alter Stock levels. You can use a Stock Adjustment if you want to increase stock.

Alternatively, you can print from an in-progress Packaging which will allow you to alter stock levels when you output from the Packaging. You will still be able to print Labels when the assembly is Complete.

Within a Packaging Assembly, click Print Labels. Then select the type of Label you wish to print, enter the Quantity, confirm the Best before Date and click Print Labels. You will be shown a PDF preview of your Labels, which you can then print.

Premier Systems supports and recommends using the Godex RT700 thermo-transfer printer. However, you can use any printer that supports printing 100x100mm labels.

Label Information :

Non-Returnable Labels and Returnable Labels display the same information except for the QR code used on Non-Returnable labels for tracking and traceability purposes.

Returnable containers should have Permanent Labels for tracking instead. The Container Tracking guide for help with this:

Product Brand Logo - ** This can be added against the Product Brand.** Go to Stock - Product Brands to make any changes.

**Product Name - ** Pulled from the product information.

Tasting Notes - Your description can be entered against the Product Brand or in the Labelling tab of a Product.

Ingredients & Allergens - This information can be entered against the Product Brand or in the Labelling tab of a Product.

Best before date - This is defined by the Packaging process or before you click Print.

Alcohol by volume (ABV) - This can be edited in the Duty section of the Product.

Batch Number - A unique number, assigned during production for traceability or entered before clicking Print.

Dutiable Litres - The volume of a claimed for Duty, this can be edited in the Duty section of the Product.

Manufacturer Name - Assigned in the Purchasing Details of a Product.

Company Details - This information comes from Administration - Company Setup.

To edit the Label Templates:

Go to SettingsDocument Templates. Click Premier Returnable Cask Label or Premier Non-Returnable Cask Label.
Templates can be downloaded from the Document Templates help guide.

EAN Codes

You may need to add EAN barcodes to do so, go to Stock - Product and select the relevant Product. Scroll down, find Sales Codes and click Edit. Enter in the specific EAN 13/14 Codes for the Product.

Labels can be ordered on the Premier Systems website: