Day-to-Day Guide: Sales, Distribution and Accounts.

Administrative Tasks: Sales, Distribution and Accounts.

These guides should give an idea of how to use BrewMan on a daily basis, once all settings and data have been added into the system. Please click on the gold links to find out more detail about specific functions and features.

  1. Raise Orders throughout the day. Sales staff will sign on and click on the Tasks menu to see the list of Outlet Contacts they need to make for the day as well as any other Tasks set.

  1. Initiate customer contact by clicking on the Outlet’s hyperlink in the Record column of the Task. This will load the Outlet’s CRM page in a new tab of your web browser.

Here you can see the Outlet’s Summary as well as recent Communications , Tasks and Transactions.

When ready, contact the Outlet by clicking on the Telephone Number or Email in the Outlet Summary. You will then be able to dial or email in an external app of your choice.

After the call, you can Log Communications as well as Create New Orders , Duplicate Recent Orders and Create Credit Notes.

To reschedule a call, create a new Task using Log Communications for the time agreed.

When finished with the Outlet , close the new tab in your web browser and mark the Task as Complete. Continue to work through your List as well as document any Orders received from incoming customer contacts using the Orders menu.

Sync Web Shop Orders from Shopify and WooCommerce within the Integrations menu.

Once all Orders have been entered into the system, you should use Distribution Planning to Optimise the Delivery Routes for the next day. Once Orders are assigned to Vehicles, Delivery Journeys will appear in the Distribution App.

Once the deliveries have been assigned to vehicles, click Picking Lists in the bottom right of the page. This will show you the Picking Lists for Deliveries , which you can Export and Print.

The Collections and Couriers page will display Picking Lists for the other types of Orders. Print Documents as needed using the button at the bottom of the page.

  1. For help with the Distribution App there are guides for the Deliveries, Couriers and Collections.

  1. When ready, you can mark Orders as Complete on the Distribution Processing screen. Then, in the Completed Orders tab you will be able to Print and Email documents as well as send checked invoices to the Transactions for Posting page.

Use Email Audit in the Administration menu to check if emails have been successfully sent.

  1. The Transactions for Posting page will show all Orders, Credit Notes and Purchase Orders ready to be Posted to your Integrated accounts package.

Add Transactions to the Posting Queue and when they disappear they will become historic and arrive in your accounts package. If the posting was unsuccessful there will be an error message highlighting the problem.

The Transactions for Posting page can also be found by going Administration > Accounts Posting.

  1. At the end of the month, use the system to view how much Duty you owe. Completed Orders or any other payable transactions out of bond will have their Duty calculated.